Am I getting closer to coming out?

I'm 16 and lesbian. I have written a short story about being a lesbian, and got a 38/40 on it. I wrote my research essay on Same-Sex marriage and got a 86%(major assignment), and I did a Slam poetry assignment today about being normal("What is Normal?"), and mentioned sexuality, and that love is love, and no one can tell you whats wrong and whats right. And I presented it in front of the class.Only one that my class has seen is the poetry one, but I've been thinking all day today that people probably think I'm bi or lesbian today. I mean my school has a GSA, and they're lesbians and gays in my school, and there's no problems. Everyday at least two or three times you pass the GSA room with the rainbow colours in a triangle and a caption = "lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friendly space",But I'm still particularly scared to come out. Only 2 people know about me, and ones my friend, and ones my outed lesbian friend, and both accepted it with flying colours. I mean this is so... mind blowing atm, but I'm scared at being looked at differently.. What should I do?

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  1. tauntingness says:

    It doesn’t matter how attractive you are; you come out and as soon as EVERYONE knows about it it’s too late.Girls are usually cruel; even the ones who were kind of casually friends will think of you as kind of a freak – the others won’t even care about you at all. You just won’t exist, kind of.But when I look back on highschool I don’t think about the people that were almost my friends, about the girls that laughed behind my back. I think about the girls that actually cared, about the guys that were there for me when nobody else was. I’m glad I didn’t just smile and nod, lie and try to fit in.

  2. flyboats says:

    I assume you are you’ve told two people, but are you working on telling others. I know it can be complicated but that is what life is about. In a couple years will you be wondering to your self “hey if I came out in high school, what would’ve it been like”. remember there will be obstacles some may make fun of you but heck THOSE PEOPLE WHERE NEVER YOUR TRUE FRIENDS. And by coming out atleast you can be your self just dont be to creapy, lol good luck

  3. plyers says:

    Don’t paint your painting with the paint-by-numbers board ಠ_ಠ No one’s gonna buy it.Be yourself :3 You are you and no one hurtful should matter. Sure the beginning might be a bit awkward for everyone, but it’s gonna get better. It’s like when I rode on my cycling rollers for the first time XD It was scary at first cause I thought I was gonna fall and get hurt, but I trusted myself and let go of the couch. I didn’t die, but I felt better and more confident in myself. ‘Cause when you do the most scary thing you can think of, everything else in life is a breeze :3