Comparison between Hamlet and Laertes?

I have to write an AP essay tomorrow on the statement:Hamlet and Laertes are similar.I have some ideas, such as how they both seek revenge for their fathers, and how they both love Ophelia, but come on, this is an AP Literature prompt, so there has got to be something more along the lines of personality, etc. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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  1. spileworm says:

    Woo hoo AP Lit! :D (My favourite class when I was in high school) and my favorite play!Anyways… How about the fact that both want to prove themselves? Before the sword fight, Hamlet is told that Laertes is better than him, and that there’s odds against him winning. Laertes also wants to prove himself in that sword fight. Both end up dieing by their own ambitions. Laertes died because he wanted to avenge his father but decided to take his revenge out of anger and agreed with Cladius. Hamlet also died wanting to avenge his father.So yes, both died in hopes of doing something they thought noble and both are guilty of murder. (Hamlet killed Polonius, Laertes killed Hamlet) I hope that helps, or at least got you brainstorming.