What are my chances to get into University of Texas at Austin?

UT is my DREAM school. Here are my Stats:I want to double major in Communications (Journalism) and Political Science.3.3 gpa1680 SAT25 ACT 142/577 (Top 25%)I'm not in the top 10%.I am a managing editor for my school newspaper, I am in Key Club and Student Council. I have about 30 hours of community service. I also have a part-time job as a cashier at a movie theatre averaging about 16 hours a week. I'm an African-American female. I take IB/AP classes. I was a national AP Scholar, receiving two 4s and one 3.The reason my gpa is a bit low is because I had a terrible freshmen year failing two classes (Geometry and Biology). I retook Geometry and made a B in that class and I am currently retaking Biology and am making an A in that class.I have improved greatly:Freshmen year I was about 356ish/800ish with a GPA of about 2.7Sophmore year: 246/700ish GPA of about 2.9Junior year: 163/677 GPA of about 3.1I have been working incredibly hard and these are my most recent grades:AP Statistics 94Psychology II IB 98World Area Studies IB 81Biology AP 93P.E. 100English IV IB 79Art 98 Newspaper 3H 99I am a strong, passionate writer and believe I can impress with my essays.I would also like to know if I have chances at Texas A'M and SMU.And about how many letters of recommendations should I get?

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    tell them not us

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    Thanks to current state laws, if you do not graduate in the top 10% of your class, in Texas, it is really hard to get into UT. What you might consider is taking your freshman year at one of the UT campuses in another city, San Antonio, Arlington, etc. (there are several more cities.) Then, if you maintain excellent grades, you can make a case for transferring to the Austin campus as a sophomore. Talk to the alternative schools about your plans, they are bound to have tips that are helpful, they do feed many students back to Austin.By all means, apply to UT Austin and give it your best shot, but as a back up, apply to the other schools as well.In the meantime, visit all the campuses. Make appointments to see the Dean or Associate Dean in those two departments and try to impress them with what an asset you would be to their programs. (Wouldn’t hurt if you had a couple of short examples of your writing, plus any reprints of anything you may have had published.)If you have family or friends who are alums from either of those departments, ask them to write you letters of recommendation. If you have any connections to well known or respected people in either of those fields, ask them for letters of recommendation. Network your socks off, it could pay off. And even if it doesn’t this first go around, you will have learned a valuable life skill.Good-luck.