Chances at these Colleges?

.1 GPA Unweighted (Improved from freshman to junior year)8 AP Classes6 Honors Classes28 ACT Composite ScoreSix or Seven Extra Curricular100 + Volunteer Hours at HospitalGood Teacher RecsGood EssaysThree years of SpanishMoney is not an issueColleges:Boston University (Undecided)North Eastern University (Honors or Undecided)Michigan State UniversitySyracuse UniversityI know my GPA is low but this is unweighted and I've taken mostly honors/ap classes.Please let me know if the schools are safety/match/reach etc.I know Boston University isn't as hard to get into as people say my friend got in recently with a 3.2 gpa.Can anyone tell me what Boston University/North Eastern University would like to see that will improve my chances? I've taken 3 AP classes this year and I'm taking 5 next year which adds to my total. Is it worth getting B- average/C+ average my senior year on those AP classes or just take a few and get a B or B+ average with blow off classes?What classes would BU or NEU like to see? Please let me know if I'm in good shape and what I can do to improve my chances (besides taking SAT or improving ACT score or raising GPA)

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  1. Ghuz says:

    yea. Its really good.If ur still unsure go to a college counsellor

  2. Nemathelminthes says:

    Your GPA is .1?

  3. associates says:

    Okay question mark on the GPABut if you go to and make an account there and fill out an academic profile they can calculate your chances for those schools. Hope this helps.Please answer mine: [external link] ;…