Contractions in a formal essay?

In a formal essay, is it okay to use a contraction as part of an idiom? For example, can I say, "I'll bet," as opposed to "I will bet," because the latter would just sound weird?

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8 Responses to “Contractions in a formal essay?”

  1. proffer says:

    never use contractions in a formal essay.

  2. manganhedenbergite says:

    Why are you using “I’ll bet” in a formal essay? If it’s as a quotation, use the contraction; otherwise don’t use it or any other contraction.

  3. countereffect says:

    well, if it’s a direct quote then contractions are ok, but other than that, no. It was beaten into us that you never use contractions in a formal essay. Instead of i will bet maybe i would bet instead.

  4. optimla says:

    You’d almost HAVE to say “I’ll bet” rather than “I will bet.”But the problem really is that the expression “I’ll bet” in itself does not belong in a formal essay.A few contractions scattered in even a formal essay are probably all right, unless it’s REALLY formal.But colloquialisms like “I’ll bet” have no place in a formal essay. I think it would be better to think of a way to rephrase the idea so that it is expressed in less casual language.

  5. commotive says:

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  6. cismibm says:

    Contractions have no place in formal writing.But yes it will sound weird.You also shouldn’t be using the first person as in “I or I’ll” unless you are using a quotation.

  7. rozen says:

    it’s fine to use them

  8. lobello says:

    you don’t use contractions in a formal essayit does sound weird but thats just because your not used to using formal language but it’s correct that way instead of I’ll bet, say I will bet