This a study in my medical ethics class;I would like someone to read the case below and answer the question?

Doctor Z has been treating Brian for depression for several weeks. Brian, who is HIV positive, has a fear of rejection. One day, Brian informs Doctor Z that he is having unprotected sex with Ms. Jane, whom does not know of his HIV status. Doctor Z tries to persuade Brian about the virtues of safer sex, but Brian claims that HIV is hard to transmit and that with modern drugs it isn’t a life threatening disease. Despite Brian’s incorrect understanding and Doctor Z’s arguments to the contrary, Brian is adamantly opposed to safer sex. Doctor Z then tries to persuade Brian to inform Ms. Jane of his HIV status, but Brian is afraid she will reject him if she finds out. Doctor Z knows that if Brian talked about killing Ms. Jane he would be obligated to break confidentiality and inform Ms. Jane (and the police) about the threat Brian posed. Though Brian hasn’t threatened harm to Ms. Jan, Doctor Z is aware that HIV is a fatal disease and that transmission through unprotected sex will likely occur eventually. Doctor Z is also aware that any breach in confidentiality will cause severe, if not irreparable damage, to the open communication required for successful psychotherapy. In your essay answer the following questions:Should Doctor Z uphold Brian’s confidentiality or would this be grounds to break confidentiality by informing Ms. Jane? Would your answer change if Brian also claimed to be having regular unprotected sex with Betty, Heather, and Amy in addition to Ms. Jane? Choose either Fleck or Angell and offer an account of how they would resolve this case. Make sure you fully support your answers by providing reasons for your position.

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  1. canellaceous says:

    Interesting question.To my knowledge, protecting a human life is more important than trying to keep the avenues open for helping a person that doesn’t seem to really want help (since he is not willing to obey the doctor’s recommendations of having safe sex or informing her himself).If Brian did the right thing in this situation, even though it would be difficult and he’d probably be rejected for not telling her in the first place, he could start to build his integrity and self-worth again, which would help him get out of his depression. Doctors can only do so much to help people; it’s really up to the choices and actions of the person to really get healed.