I need help writing an essay, for the book NIGHT, by elie wiesel?

basically the prompt is asking what Elie Wiesel teaches us/or what lesson does he give us in the bookso i have my thesis written down..im gonna summarize it here..basically im saying wisel teaches us that persecuting other religions is wrong...yah yah yahwell i need 4 paragraphs (have to talk about 4 things that we learn)my first one talks about how they are all forced to leave their home and be seperated from familymy second paragraph talks about how he saw many of the children..especially babies in a truck, and they were all dead..(this 2nd paragraph talks about how you shouldn't kill others to get your way etc.)im having a tough time trying to get a 3rd and 4th idea/paragraph, and i could really use some help..like if you guys gave me ideas that happened in the book..that we kinda learn from?im not asking you to give like a full whole writing or anything...i just need a bit of infoi read the book..cant seem to remember much..i looked through it....but uhmm..help would be very appreciated!thank you!

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  1. etelnet says:

    you can talk about how lucky we are not to have to deal with stuff as terrible as that

  2. slightest says:

    I had to do a similar-ish report on the same book. I recommend you watch the video of him giving his “perils of indifference” speech. You can learn a lot! 1st paragraph-give basic yet cruel facts about the holocaust to liven the interestsPar. 2-summarize what happened in the end to ElliePar. 3-his reaction to everythingPar. 4-what we can do to stop this tragedy from happening again—quote the perils of indifference and use that perspective.ADD YOUR OWN STYLE OR IT WON’T FLOW! and tweak things to make it yours

  3. Propontic says:

    advice- READ THE BOOK.