Product design: essay on how a product’s design has changed over the years?

I have to write an essay on how the design of a product has changed over time, as a result of materials, technology, cultural influences and societal influences (can be any number of these). Can anybody suggest a particular product that there would be a fair amount of information on? We're required to write about 1500 words. I'm not necessarily searching for an electronic product.

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  1. phosphoric says:

    Since you asked in electronics:The Telephone.The boom box (AKA ghetto blaster).The personal stereo,The home/personal computer. That would not be limited to PCs as we know it today, but to the first single user computers in the 1970s.

  2. autonal says:

    You may want to try the timeline of the personal computer development. [external link] … [external link]