Need a title for my essay…can’t think of a good one!?

i'm wrote an essay on the drug problem in florida and how florida needs to step up and find a way to manage it since out of the top 5 most drug abused counties...Florida contains 3 out of 5. I need a title that isn't generic because my professor is crazy about titles and after writing 11 pages my mind is completely shot...please help me!

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5 Responses to “Need a title for my essay…can’t think of a good one!?”

  1. monkeypod says:

    Time for Change is all that comes to mind . . . sorry if that isn’t clever enough for your teacher lol

  2. cespivm says:

    hmm . . here are some ::Step UpABUSENeglectDope ( which mean drug : ) )A cruel Stimulantand i cant think of any other

  3. overline says:

    i just went through this yesterday how aboutan active addictiona distric’s drug over-dose idk i like alliteration in my titles, or something clever. sorry let me know if you need more help!

  4. trailor says:

    How about this…*Florida: Not Just the Sunshine State*Where Oranges Arent the Only Things Growing*Why Florida?

  5. harpal says:

    answer my question (: [external link] ;_ylt=AnXU3CbVQmAud99boU91Y2vsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091104163715AAMK2w9