Tell me what you think of it. =)?

For class we were assigned to write a 1 page double spaced essay that expressed our opinions of ourselves. sorta like a diary entry. The following is what i wrote. please tell me what you think. To be quite honest, I think emotions are the quintessential to understanding oneself. However how does one understand someone they can’t truly see? Good question. Do mirrors truly show us who we are? Do they tell us about our personality, our beliefs, or just our beauty? Are we able to glance at the person reflected in the mirror and see the mind speaking and the soul gazing back at us? Does that person tell us how we feel, how we think, or even if we think? I reflect upon this morning’s experience and I have realized that the person I saw in the mirror isn’t who I wish I would have saw. Is that me? Really? I do admit one of my countless bad qualities is that I am diffident. I look at this person in the mirror and I don’t see the ____ I wish I would have saw. What I despise about her in particular is her peculiar sadness and grief that is reflected in her eyes. When did this melancholy seep into her and chase out her effervescence? Has she lost her vitality? Her vigor? Her energy? Her love for life? Is she in desperate need of revitalization? Rejuvenation? Or perhaps she needs me to help her completely change herself. The person I’m gazing at isn’t exactly exultant, and to be quite honest, neither am I. She’s in search of herself as I am of me. I hope she finds who she seeks so perhaps it will guide me and reform me as well. But the one good thing I saw about that reflection is her love. Her love for people. Her love for strangers. Her kindness to others. But how does she extend that kindness to herself and me, the person looking at her in the mirror? That mirror reflection needs to learn how to subdue her repugnance for herself. She needs to confide her hearts wholesome feelings to me, and perhaps I can help her. I told that mirror reflection this and do you know what it said back to me?It said…."Right back at you sweety!"

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  1. chamberer says:

    That’s really good! It’s true though, when we look in a mirror is it telling the truth, or our we seeing exactly want we want or what we hate. so does the mirror lie? I believe i see something different then everybody else See’s, I see my imperfections, i see all the things i have done that i wish i could take back, I see the me that no one else See’s.

  2. sstrand says:

    thats…nice i guess.