Is anyone else clever but despises school? PLEASE HELP!?

Im really clever - a psychologist gave me an IQ test when I was 8 and I scored off the chart. But i've never enjoyed homework, I love education/learning but only what I WANT to learn/ educate myself in. So I'll do an essay on Tess of the D'urbervilles not Pride'Prejudice then my teachers all assume im dumb. I hate homework. I just don't need to do it or see the point in it, ive never got less than an A in any exam so its not like I need to do it. Ive just never met any one else who is cleaver but just cant hack hard work. Why am I so un motivated in an area I should excell in? (Im 17 btw)

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  1. thinginess says:

    There’s no ‘off the chart’ for IQ tests. If you scored over 160 and haven’t graduated from college yet, you’re seriously under-utilizing your potential. So let’s just assume you scored above average. However, it doesn’t matter how smart you think you are, you need to be able to follow directions in school or in a job. While high school is very easy, you’ll be in for a shock when you get to college and find out you can’t skip the homework and expect to pass the class or an exam. Maybe college isn’t the best plan for you. With that very high IQ, you must have some great business ideas or something, right?

  2. intermutual says:

    I think you’re being stubborn and I think that if you were really smart you would understand that you have to be openminded and learn things to gain a wider knowlede of others