What is the meter in the poem Prospice by Robert Browing ?

I have an english essay due tomorrow, and I need to know what the meter in Prospice is, help ? With prove from the poem ?

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  1. retrogressing says:

    Libby’s AdviceI know you are desperate and keen,For any answer you can glean.But without the poem to read, We cannot fulfill such a need.It’s easy to just cut and pasteAnd post the poem here in haste.Dearest, do us all a favour,Give us the poem to savour.Name the poet, quote the title;As such clues, for us, are vital.Do not ask too many questions,If you want to get suggestions.Tell us what you have discovered,And that you have not uncovered.Leave the rest to those who can helpAnd your teacher won’t see a whelp.

  2. destructuralize says:

    The POWER / of the NIGHT / the PRESS / of the STORM, / The POST / of the FOE; Maybe in Browning’s day, “power” was pronounced as one syllable. The meter then might be an iamb and an anapest