Need help..10 points?

i have to write an essay about gandhithe essay question is: compare the impact of Gandhi's and Jinnah's influence in the regionmy thesis statement is:the influences of Gandhi and Jinnah helped shape Indian and Pakistan to what it is nowand i need 3 topic sentencesi only have 2:-gandhi gained independence for india-jinnah gained independence for pakistani dont know what my 3rd topic sentence should beand if you have any suggestions please tell meor anything about gandhi and stuff that i could use in my essaythanks so much!

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  1. Andromede says:

    LMAO im doing an essay also. I wrote down Gandhi as one of the nationalist leaders in history. Topic sentences are easy since you have a task. All you got to write is compare and contrast Gandhi and Jinnah’s influence on the region or on the people. I don’t know any thing about Jinnah but I could tell you something about Gandhi and you can compare them. Gandhi and Jinnah both fought for independence. Gandhi influenced the Indians to fight with non-violence. He taught them to boycott Britsh goods. Gandhi launched a campaign called civil disobedience. It weakened British gov’t's authority and economic power.Similarities: Gandhi and Jinnah are both effective leaders in history. They both had strong influence to the nation. Try to come up reasons with why they are hero to that country.Take care =]

  2. wprintf says:

    Great essay topic. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you but I would suggest renting the movie “Gandhi” and watching it. The story is told and portrayed fantastic and will help give you some more insight to Gandji himself.

  3. blackfisher says:

    the influences of Gandhi and Jinnah helped shape Indian and Pakistan to what it is nowplz change that; unless you are only in middle skool or something; your english teacher wont like it. say something cool and grasping for your thesis; not …ghandi and jinnah helped shape india and paki…. blah blah blah… Your thesis statement should be something stronger.