How does Elizabeth Proctor change throughout the Crucible?

PLEASEEE someone tell me how she changes.. haha i need it for my essay!

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2 Responses to “How does Elizabeth Proctor change throughout the Crucible?”

  1. JI says:

    In the beginning she and John didn’t have such a strong relationship with each other until they were accused of witchcraft or something then their lifes were on the line and they ended up having more feelings with each other in the end, something like that haven’t read that boring book in a while lol

  2. archer says:

    The Crucible play draws you in from the beggining, each character begging for your attention and pity. But as you watch the characters and the story unfold, you are forced to pick sides. The confused and manipulated girls can make you burn with anger and feel great sorrow for their entrapment. The adulterous husband first hits you as a cold, unloving man but soon woos you into seeing his honest and passionate character. Arthur Miller masterfully sends his reader on an emotionally journey through his chilling rendition of the sad affair of the Salem witch trials. Beautiful work, very worthy of your time.w