What are my chances at Stanford?

2270 SAT, 800 Math Level 2, 770 Chemistry, 3.8 GPA, 2 internships at economic institutes in Asia, Stock Market Club(3 years), JV/Varsity Tennis(Captain), Spanish Club(Council Member), Semifinalist at Ramapo College Essay competition, etc... and all the qualifications that the typical Stanford applicant will have. BUT, I have a school record of having dropped a bowl in class.....My guidance counselor said I can milk the incident to my advantage and present it as a learning experience. I have doubts tho. What are my chances at getting into Stanford University for Undergraduate first year?

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  1. cauterizes says:

    my friend had basically the same stats except 4.4 gpa and he was 3rd best at math in all of cali and he got wait listed. however he is white, so if ur white ur probly screwed, but otherwise you have a decent chance. 3.8 is low tho