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I have to write an essay & I'm having some trouble coming up with a good law. Any help would be greatly appreciated ... my topic is :"If you could make any law that people your age (16-18) would have to obey what would it be?"It can not have anything to do with:- school- electronics- driving- drugs/gangs/violence- or any law that already exists.

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    After the age of 16, but prior to turning 18; all youth must perform 100 hours of community service at an approved charitable organization or they will be drafted into military service for one year at age 18.

  3. outranking says:

    Have over 100 volunteer hours to stimulate the community before you turn 18. Also helps stimulate the economy

  4. tyste says:

    how about a kerfew like you have to be in your home no later than 12:00 am.

  5. cornstarches says:

    How about a law that requires everyone to respect their elders.