Can’t remember the word on the tip of my tongue?

The word I need to write in an essay. It's on the tip of m tongue but can't remember it... It's a specific word, which means 'a clear voice inside our head'. Something like an inspiration. You get a sudden realization of what's correct for you because of this voice.

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  1. iisqlca says:

    Im going with that person up there somewhere

  2. hearteningly says:

    You have the fungiform papillae, filiform papillae, foliate papillae, circumvallate papillae, lingual tonsil, and the palatine tonsil. and all together 6, its one of them good luck!

  3. febrifacient says:

    Revelation? Or maybe awakening, illumination, enlightenment, insight, perception, or awareness?

  4. recency says:

    EPIPHANYAn epiphany is the sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something.ADDED–enlightenmentrevelationclarity

  5. pignet says: