Romeo and Juliet: focus on Mercutio speech…attention getter?

I'm writing an essay for my Communication Arts class. Included in my essay are the three main parts of why Mercutio is important. For these three parts, I've chosen: Supporting character, comic relief, and how he changes the plot on the story. Could you please give me and idea for an attention getter for this speech? It does not have to be whole, even an idea will work.thanks [:

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  1. hawkweeds says:

    If you do a search for Romeo and Juliet here in the Yahoo Answers search window you will find that hundreds of questions have been asked here about the play and those Q’s and A’s should help you. Additionally if you do a search for “study guide for Romeo and Juliet” you will find many free sources of help online to supplement your work with this play. Best of luck with your work.

  2. gelezen says:

    I would start with one of Mercutio’s monologues. As cliche as the idea sounds, it utilizes Shakespeare’s text to help prove your three points.