How can i remember big pieces of information by tomorrow!?

Basically as part of my GCSEs, i have a controlled assessment tomorrow. Apart from a small plan where we can include key words, we are not allowed any other information. I originally did the beginning of my essay at home just to get into it, but when i had to write it at school i couldnt remember any of it;O Ive carried on my practise thing at home but im worried i wont remember it for tomorrow, is there anyway i can at least remember the basics of it? :O

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2 Responses to “How can i remember big pieces of information by tomorrow!?”

  1. synangia says:

    Practice your essay As if you were in school so that way you’ll get more or less a sense of what you need to write about. write in an index card the most important ideas of what you have to write about by this you’re not going to forget anything important. read any information that you have about the essay before to sleep, don’t listen to music or anything that’s going to make you forget, be sure to do some reading and an hour before.

  2. availbl says:

    Write out a sample essay like you wish you could do for the testing. Then select only one or two key words from EACH paragraphs down the essay. Try memorizing those. Then type a new essay based on those and compare the two. Hopefully many of thoughts will express themselves again, although in a different way.