Opinion Essays? Interesting Topics.?

My English II teacher assigned an Opinion essay to our class today, and I need help with finding a topic.Most of the students in my class are doing it on-Lowering the drinking age to 18-Legalizing marijuana'-AbortionWell, I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to be like everyone else and follow the crowd. So, if you have any interesting topics that I can squeeze 5 paragraphs out of, just let me know. It would help very much.Thank you!

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4 Responses to “Opinion Essays? Interesting Topics.?”

  1. barriers says:

    how about how tv and electronics affect the people of this age compared to those of like 50 years ago and how their lives have changed or something like that

  2. reinfects says:

    How about an essay on the use of the internet rather than using one’s mind?

  3. demiurgeous says:

    Laws about gamblinglaws about gangslaws about gunschild pornography-how gov’ts protect childrenhomosexualityterrorism

  4. vehiculatory says:

    You can truly go out side the box…I’ve done essays about: -the death penalty…3 strikes law do we need it or not?-Health care..should it be free?-Domestic Violence-women vs men.. who’s smarter?-Is home school good for kids?Hope this helps