I need help finishing this paragraph?

The essay is about schools wanting to get rid of extracurricular activities and i have to persuade them to keep them. Here is what i got so far on this paragraph. The second reason to keep extracurricular activities is because extracurricular activities allows students to hang out with friends. Having extracurricular activities lets students hang out with friends doing something safe instead of out doing drugs or something. Extracurricular activities also allows students to hang out and play a fun sport like soccer, baseball, or basket ball.this is all i have i still need 2 more sentences it is do tommorrow so please help.

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  1. widebck says:

    extracurricular activities allow kids to get the exercise they need. just one class period of gym class is not enough.

  2. voidnesses says:

    OK. First of all, you need a little help with your wording. Try this: Extracurricular activities are also very important because they allow students to spend time with friends in a safe place doing positive things like playing soccer, baseball, and basketball. Without them, students might be tempted to get involved in dangerous activities like drugs. Kids need places to go and things to care about to stay out of trouble.

  3. siganids says:

    the first two sentances basically same the same thing , what i recommend is something like this, change it to fit your style and what you have alreadyThere are many reasons to keep extracurricular activities in school systems. One important reason being that these acivities provide students time to hang out with their friends in a safe enviroment. These activities can curb drug usage, and promote a healthy life style. Many of the activites involve physical activity, which helps to keep children active and reduce the chance of obesity. Also by providing children with these activities, there is less of a chance that they will become involved in illegal behavior.

  4. Abelicea says:

    Extracurricular activities are also a reason for kids to get off the computer and stop watching television. It is a safe, healthy and fun way for kids to become active in their schools.