Does he like me or is he just trying to be my friend?

Okay, so, this question is mainly about my teacher. He's an english teacher. I'm in eighth grade and I'll be turning fourteen this May. My teacher, let's call him Mr. Q (idk), is twenty-six. I have a desk near his in his class, which is my last class of the day. We got to pick our seating arrangement after the second quarter of school. I chose that desk because it's where I would sit in another class, but when he saw me sitting there, he smiled. I don't know why, he just did. And during class, if I were to look up, most of the time I would catch him looking in my direction. I'm not sure if he's looking at me, though, but it looks like he is, then he just shifts his gaze.Every day after school when all the students are getting on the bus, Mr. Q stands by his door. I pass his class and one other on my way to the door. So, on my way out, I say "Bye" to him, and he says "Have a nice night, (My name [not the name that I have for my prof])" and he nods to me. I just smile and keep on walking. I would have thought this was usual for a teacher, but when I pass by the second classroom, I say "Bye" to the teacher there, and he just says "See ya". So, yeah, I'm not sure.Plus, we just had our Parent/Teacher Conferences a bit ago. And in English, we had to write this "Three Wishes" essay. I couldn't think of any wishes besides "to obtain money," so I went a bit more personal and wished to meet other's of my religion (wicca) and to meet a Wiccan High Priestess. He didn't really say anything to me in class. But at PTC's, my mom was saying that Mr. Q. had said that that didn't sound like something that would describe me. My mom said that he said that he doesn't want me getting into anything I shouldn't be (don't worry, I'm not) because he really likes me. I don't know how he means by "likes" me, though. I'm sure that my mom obviously took it as he likes me as a student. My dad said that when he was talking to Mr. Q. he heard nothing but compliments about me.Now, I'm not sure. Idk if Mr. Q likes me like a student or likes me like he has a crush on me. I'm not too sure. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if he did because he's really handsome lol. But, seriously, any thoughts? All answers are appreciated, except for any that criticize me or my religion. Keep those to yourself.Thanks a million! :)

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  1. toned says:

    highschool crushes on teachers are a big no no. don’t even go there, take my advice and stick to guys your own age if you can. I think your teacher thinks you’re a good student and he wants to see you do well. He has your best interests at heart. It’s fine to fantasise about Mr.Q but leave it at that. Because I think that’s all it is. Most of us had a teacher at school that we fancied, it’s normal – you’re only human. But there are probably lots of guys out there your own age who like you, so make the most of that. :-) Good luck in everything you do. x

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  3. auditive says:

    I don’t see anything sinister here. he’s a teacher looking out for a student. The fact that he calls you by name and other teachers do not doesn’t signify anything other than personal style. I suspect your impression that he’s watching you is your imagination. Are you a good student? In which case, why WOULDN’T he have only positive things to say about you?

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  5. chicaner says:

    I had loads of teachers like that in my school, they just appreciate hard working students rather than trouble makers making their job even harder. i got compliments from teachers all the time, saying i am a good hardworking student, sensible and mature and all the stuff i already knew. He wants to be a friend.Schools have security checks for these sorts of things, it is against the school policies for a teachers to date students, he would of being background checked.