College Application to Vanderbilt?

hey im a senior applying early decision to Vandy and I was looking for some reassurance or not reassurance lol. I am a first generation college applicant for my family and i am quite nervous. I have a 660 reading and 690 math and 680 writing. I have a 30 ACT. my gpa completely unweighted is 3.87, which makes me in the top 7 percent of my class. I have lots of E/C and am president and manager of many of them. My essay is good, i would say above average. I play baseball, have a lead in one act, and sing boys solo and quartet. I am president of Student Council. And rec letters are the strongest part of my application. What are my odds?

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  1. Tel says:

    it depends on which college you are applying. a 690 in math for the school of engineering is not outstanding; yet strong reading and writing may be better suited for college of arts and sciences. moreover, applying to blair with a strong background in stage performance and singing would be good. your ACT is a little low (comparatively) but you are busy with many activities that make you “well rounded”. in all honesty, you’re asking this question because you realize you’re on the fence; and unfortunately, that’s all i can say as well. it’s a toss-up. for your sake, i hope it lands in your favor, but i’m not on the review board. it will probably come down to your essays. i had similar scores, higher in math, but lower in verbal – but competition has gotten a little tougher (even in just 7 years!). good luck!