How much weight does freshman year carry in college admissions?

My GPA's for my different years of high school are as follows:Frosh: 3.4257, 3.6157 weightedSoph: 3.7415. 4.1508 weightedJunior: 3.7750, 4.2200 weightedAvg: 3.6385, 3.9800 weightedI was thinking they'll probably see my upward trend in grades as a good thing, but how do you think I would compare to someone with a constant 4.1 or 4.2 GPA? Thanks.

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5 Responses to “How much weight does freshman year carry in college admissions?”

  1. back'st says:

    It really varies from school to school, but in most situations, I think schools look at your cumulative GPA. However, they do look at your freshman year to determine how well you “transition” from one educational level to another, and if you are on par with the other applicants they are accepting for that semester.

  2. hoodooed says:

    It’s best if your grades are good from day 1. However, if your grades consistently improve over your high school career, that is the next best thing. It shows that you continue to try harder every year. Also, since the classes get continuously more advanced, it also shows that you’ll be prepared for college work, especially if you took a lot of advanced classes. They are looking for if you’ve challenged yourself and if you’ve done well in challenging courses.As long as your cumulative GPA is high enough to catch their attention, then many schools will likely take a look at your transcript and see that you’ve improved. It’s much better to improve than to start out with good grades and slack off.So if you are comparing your grades with someone that has a constant 4.0+ GPA, they definitely have an advantage over you. At this point it’s too late to get involved in activities, so hopefully you’ve done your best in that area by now. You’ll need to make sure your test scores, essays, and recommendations are top notch.

  3. coolingly says:

    They just look at your average gpa! =) I didn’t do as well my freshman year, but still came out with a 4.0 and I got accepted to a really great university! =) Good luck!

  4. peaveys says:

    Of course a student who has done well all through high school is going compare better than you. colleges are only going to want your unweighted cumulative gpa. Yes they are going to see your improvement, but your cumulative gpa is going to matter a great deal. as is your ACT/SAT score.

  5. offuscate says:

    You’ll be fine.. GPA is only apart of the admission process what’s really important is your SAT or ACT scores they are a major decision factor. Trust me I work in UCF’s undergraduate admission office.