Primary strenghts and weakenesses of how the prime minister is chosen and kept accountable to the ……..?

Hi-I need to write an essay on the below question but I really dont understand the question,since english isnt my native kanguage. I would totally appreciate it if you can clarify the question for me and give me some possible answers-points to start with.Please elaborate as much as possible.Thanks in advance!One of the more remarkable differences between the american and canadian political systems is the way that the executive is chosen and kept accountable to the people.each has strenghts and weaknesses.Chose one executive(the prime minister or the president) and give an account of the primay strenghts and primary weakness of how it is chosen or kept accountable to the electorateAlso decide if the strenghts outweighs the weaknesses of the executive that you have chosen or vice versa.

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