What does conclusion mean and help?

ok im writting an essay about violence and here;s wat i wrote so far In the Mac Milan dictionary i found out that Violence is harm or injury caused by someone else’s actions. there are different kinds of violence. gang Violence, TV violence and domestic violence. violence is every where. on Tv, video games, at school, in stores, on the streets, in your home and probably in your in your neighborhood. Violence has affected my life in many ways because i see people robbing stores, shooting or killing innocent people for no reason and I’m afraid that one day if I’m walking home or walking to the store that i might become one of those innocent people on the streets and wake up in the hospital trying to save my own life because of the violence people cause and now that I see people getting killed everyday I don’t even want to go outside because I’m so afraid of what might happen to me. The cause of violence is heroin, weed, cocaine, crack, alcohol, abuse as a child, peer pressure, gangs, problems at school, rape and abandonment. I can prevent violence by helping people get active and healthy by stop watching to much Tv , playing less video games and I can walk home with a group of friends instead of walking home by myself amd then it asks mw what a conclusion help and does my essay sound good so far

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  1. betels says:

    the conclusion means : to sum up sth at the end of an important speech or at the end of a passage or some topic