Help me title an essay. Hunger Games and Fahrenheit 451.?

I have to write an essay for English, comparing. the settings, themes, and characters of Fahrenheit 451. Usually I have very creative titles for my essays, but this one is really good and for the first times ever `Creative Title`is actually a requirement and I`m freezing. The only thing I can thing of is Hunger 451. Thanks. :)

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2 Responses to “Help me title an essay. Hunger Games and Fahrenheit 451.?”

  1. orbsemi says:

    The Fireman meets The Huntress, comparing and contrasting two great dystopian novels.

  2. amongus says:

    Hunger Games Vs. Fahrenheit 4512 main characters vs each otherThe Fahrenheit GamesYeah, it is a hard one. It helps if you try using something from the plot, title, or characters.