Can Marijuana be laced with morphine, what would be identification signs on drug itself & what will be the e?

I'm quite sure what I smoked couldn't have been laced since I know the original source of it! However, I was checked in the emergency room the next day (I have been smoking from the very same batch for the past 1 month or so, & i'm a social/regular smoker)1 nurse who visited me told me that I have THC & Opiates in my system, but i told her i only smoked weed & she said it could have been laced with morphine, though I did let her know I was injected with some in the ambulance & there's no way the stuff I smoked was laced cuz I'm 120% sure about the source of it & it just isn't laced! anyways! wanted 2 get a clarification around here, since the medical people seemed way 2 biased.btw: the "doctor" who came & talked to me told me that she could not find anything wrong with my blood test results nor my xrays. everything's fine she said. You have had an anxiety attack. since this week I stayed up about 40 hours (sober tho) to study & had much stress in general due to 3 tests & 1 essay

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10 Responses to “Can Marijuana be laced with morphine, what would be identification signs on drug itself & what will be the e?”

  1. sqlstmt says:

    With all due respect, I don’t even know where the question is. I mean, you answered it yourself, even to the nurse herself. If I’m reading this right, you did get a MORPHINE injection in the ambulance ON THE WAY to the hospital, the very hospital where, AFTER being injected with morphine, you were told you had morphine in your system, in addition to the pot you’ve smoked. Where would even a consideration of your herb being somehow laced with morphine ever come from?(morphine is, by the way,not smokable in hardly any form it is ever found in, your nurse friend should probably know). For the record, though I’m sure a person dredge up some obscure case of it, “lacing” cannabis is pretty much unheard of, this day in age. There is literally no reason to do it, as any drug that would ever make the cannabis stronger is itself more expensive than the street value of the cannabis. That said, it would also hold true that if a person were to try to rip off someone less experienced (someone not knowing about quality or market values), they would only do so with something FAKE, as, again, any “real” drug would itself be worth more than the cannabis. However, some cannabis in the UK had been found to have adulterants that weigh it down, increasing the profits and even causing it to “sparkle” more.

  2. Melanconiales says:

    It is possible to be laced with morphine. But if you had been smpking the same batch for a month or so you would have known probably a month ago when you started smoking it.It is very unlikely that weed gets laced with stuff bacause then the cost of it goes up…. people don’t want to pay a lot more for something they can get cheaper from someone else.

  3. pulpboard says:

    A lot of drugs are being laced with other drugs to make the high better.

  4. disanalogous says:

    Have you taken any painkillers that have opiates in them…such as Codeine…or similar? – They would show up in your system as opiates.Do you eat a lot of bread with poppy seeds? – again…they’d show up as opiates in the system.In 20 years I have never come across anything laced with opiates. (or anything else for that matter)Laced marijuana, for the large part is a myth. – Yes it does happen & has happened in the past, but for the most part it’s a pointless exercise with not much to be gained from.Hence I think it’s most unlikely your pot was laced.(unless your source was extremely dodgy!)

  5. antiauthoritarian says:

    any street drug can be cut by anything the dealer finds. maybe not by whoever you got it from, but by someone else that had it earlier.

  6. thrombocytopenia says:

    one great way to ease your concerns about what’s in weed, is to stop smoking it

  7. umbrellawise says:

    I think the cops would be there by now to arrest you when you left the hospital if they thought you were on morphine.

  8. lubbard says:

    . injection you received in the ambulance was prob. the cause of the opiate result. bud laced with morphine would have a tarry discoloration black to dark brown , and it would be sticker than normal. The cost of doing this would push the bud price through the roof and the taste and high would also be affected .The taste would be much more flowery,almost incense like the high would be a sever couch lock, not much could be accomplished.I’m a cancer survivor and have been growing my own since 8 years ago, Ive been able to replace 5 very expensive pills and capsules saving the tax payers thousands every quarter, the one script alone was 5000.00 per month, so good luck smoke safe, and grow your own. keep the money out of the hands of the drug dealers

  9. exclamatively says:

    You’d have to have it in a powder form. My friends and I tried it in college, dripping it on pot doesn’t work. It didn’t burn well when wet and when we let it dry it didn’t have any additional benefits, just smoked like regular old pot, same buzz too. Drugs are bad, mmm k.

  10. Solidago says:

    *They would not give you morphine in the ambulance.*