What are some good topic ideas for an argumentative essay for a college English class?

argumentative essays are just simple pros vs. cons essays. you can do anything as long as you support your thesis. i did mines on binge drinking in college and whether or not it was exactly that big of a problem. other topics for college-level courses would be abortion, physician assisted suicide, death penalty, etc. anything controversial would make a great argumentative essay. just support your side with GOOD facts. back your side with good research. and throw in some opposition to your side even. best of luck to you.

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  1. dishrags says:

    crop priorities: Corn for consumption by people and animals, or corn to feed the maw of a biofuel plant. We can’t do both as we will soon see. Is the choice a full fuel tank or a full belly? There’s a lot to this and many opposing ideas to weigh.

  2. sugarman says:

    sure. is it possible to argue any position without understanding race, gender, and class?ask that in class. your prof will probably spend the rest of class just on that.

  3. microfilmed says:

    Who make better leaders, men or women?

  4. galilean says:

    Since it’s an English class, why not pick one of these two highly volatile positions and pitch your best:A. Literature from the ‘Western literary canon’ , primarily written by Dead White European Guys, has no relevance in our world now, and should be replaced by works more representative of today’s concerns. [or]B. The Western literary canon is an irreplaceable treasure house of civilization. Omitting these works will result in an underclass of the poorly educated, and will inevitably lead to entire generations of the badly informed–ultimately rendering them unfit to teach, govern or assume positions of responsibility.Loathesome fun, pilgrim…but someone’s got to do it!

  5. denotative says:

    Global Warming, Should Evolution be taught in schools anything that can have two or more sides would be great somthing political would make it be a good one. You could do somthing about same sex marriage.