How Long should an essay be when applying to college? I want it to be good but not too long?

I am applying to nursing schools and I'm in the process of writing my essay. I dont have any problem with what to write but I'm afraid it may be too long. Right now I have two pages and still have at least a page and a half to write what I want to say. Is that too much or just right. The essay is very important when applying to schools and I want to keep their attention by not making it too long. What do you think?

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5 Responses to “How Long should an essay be when applying to college? I want it to be good but not too long?”

  1. catabolin says:

    Double check the application and make sure there isn’t a min.max on the essay. If not- as long as it is a good topic and well done- feel free to keep those words flowing. Good luck!

  2. zanders says:

    I think all you need to do is read through it and cut out anything that you think you talked about for too long, or think you don’t really need in there.I think, as long as it’s a good essay and you don’t drag anything out for too long, then it could be 100 pages and still keep them interested.Good luck with it!

  3. wird says:

    That sounds a little long. Try keeping it to under two pages.Finish what you are writing now. A rough draft of four pages can be cut down to two pages easily. You will find that you can drop some of what you are saying, and the rest you can say more efficiently.Use the word “I” as little as possible.

  4. heffter says:

    That’s depend dont they have like a guideline about their essay? some school simply dont mind as long and you make your point, some other like it short…Do some research and if you cant find more info make sure your essay is not more than 4 pages (doubled space) erase any “extra” words and be concise… good luck!

  5. Tyrannidae says:

    one good pagetry U. of Toledo in OhioUSA