Help with books?

During essay writing time in university, all the books from the library disappear very quickly. Is there some site in the internet that might be able to help me aquire the books. I cant spend time ordering them as the essay is due in a few days. The books that i need are sociology by Giddens and sociology introduction readings by Giddens. If there is some site in the internet that can get me electronic books, that would be really useful.Thanks

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  1. bilabe says:

    To my knowlege there are no sites for that.. Have u checked the public library.. If u can find a student who has one of those books, have them copy the pages u need.. If u have a book store in town, they may carry them for u.. here, we can read the books in the store or buy them and take them back to re sell. It’s a pain I know. I can’t stand to look for a book and all of them be checked out.