Chances getting into a college?

k, i have a 31 ACT composite, and a 28 science, 31 reading, 33 english alone, 31 eng/writing, and 30 math. and on another test i got a 33 math, so superscored maybe a 32. not sure how eng/writing factors into composite because i should have a 30 because the numbers add up to 120 div. by 4 equals 30, but maybe it doesn't figure in with the writing, which i got a 9 on. I have a 4.0 uw gpa, with just one AP class taken thru jr year. i am a senior this year and will be applying ED to NU. i have some easy slacker classes like foods and gym which look bad, but i had no choice as independent studies are only for seniors, and the schedule just wouldn't allow for more hard classes, so i have justification which i can write about in separate essay with application.i have ap following this year: chem, calc ab, lit, stats, spanish 4, which is college in the schools with univ. of minnesota, and am ind. studying ap euro. history, and probably calc bc or ap physics b also. i plan on taking in addition to these tests, ap us history and ap lang AP exams, so a bunch, like 9 or 10 AP exams. Cross country 4 years, captain, varsity 3 years, maybe all conference, who knows. jv basketball and jv baseball 2 years, then due to heart condition couldn't lift weights, so ended those days. still do intramural basketball. will get job at restaurant this fall, otherwise umpire youth baseball games 3 years. 5 hr. a week. NHS 4 years maybe officer this year, National Youth Leadrship Forum on Law in DC, Neworleans mission trip with church, sunday school sheppard with church. cousin is in Northwestern's Grad school with history teaching, may help a bit. what are my chances? and i may take sat subj. tests in math2, chem, spanish, or us history, 3 of those 4, next time available if i can before ED deadline. thanks so much

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2 Responses to “Chances getting into a college?”

  1. hippocampi says:

    wow.that depends on the college you’re trying to get into. some colleges are stricter and harder to get into than others.

  2. dintless says:

    You really shouldn’t have any problem getting into college. You’re obviously intelligent. You don’t NEED to take SAT subjecting tests, unless the school wants you to. I know for the four schools I applied to, even the private school, did not require the subject tests and I don’t think it makes a huge difference.