A question about Victorian marital law?

I read somewhere that, like today, a woman in the Victorian era could take legal action against a man who left them at the altar or retracted their proposal; is this true? I can't find any evidence to support it and I need it for an essay.

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  1. plunked says:

    You might want to look up contractual law. The situations you suggest are breach of contractual law, although the contract might not have been in writing, it was implied buy the announcement of the engagement or preparations for the wedding, and the fact that friends and family would have been aware of the intentions of the people involved. Be careful that you site the correct country and the laws that applied in that country at the time you are referring to in your essay

  2. uudemon says:

    In the days of the Victorian era, law has already been passed, and it has been legal in marital. Its is practised at the altar in the eyes of HE. Therefor any man can and will. or woman, enforce legal proceedings to any party who renounces it…. evidence you will not find, ask Queen Victoria for it,

  3. fluigram says:

    best answere has nothing to do with the Victorian law in the Uk Report Abuse

  4. porcellanid says:

    it was called Breach of Promise and yes In fact the whole subject of Breach of Promise was not examined again until the Law Commission, published its Report, entitled Breach of Promise of Marriage, in 1969. and was abolished but provisions were made to share any property collected or savings related to the said marrage

  5. oriole says:

    Engagement was treated like a legal contract. If one party broke the engagement, the other party could sue for breach of promise.

  6. interstates says:

    Yes it was called Breach of Promise law. Google it and you will find the answers