Why smoking in public should not be banned o.O i needed an opposing argument and i need help.im aganst it.help?

So, i'm writing a big essay for english. We had to choose a controversal topic, so i chose the subject "Should smoking in public be banned?" And my opinion is YES, it should be banned. But for paragraph 5, i need this outlineV.Paragraph five: Counterargument and rebuttal A. Explain the "other side" of the argument 1. Provide details about the argument 2. Proivide details about the argument B. Explain why the opposing argument is flawed. 1. Provide evidence for your side 2. Provide evidence for your sideI can figure out part B, but i really need help with part A. I honostly cannot find anything, please help?

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  1. gravimetry says:

    use an analogy. people are allowed to carry guns in public (potentially harmful to others too), and they’re allowed to drive cars in public (potentially harmful to others too), and they’re allowed to drink alcohol in public (potentially harmful to others too)…

  2. unboasting says:

    Maybe this will work.Say I own a commerical building and want to put a coffee shop or bar in and run it myself. It is my building and my business. Who has the right to tell me I can’t smoke in my own building? As long as it is posted outside that it is a smoking establishment so people who don’t like smoke can choose not to come in, why wouldn’t that work?