Help with anatomy essay please due tomorrow and partner won’t help!?

You are an Emergency room doctor in the ER. A victim of an explosive car crash is brought. Upon arrival, the paramedic informs you the individual has sustained injuries to his right arm and leg. The arm is red and blistered and the patient is complaining about pain in that arm. The leg is black and the patient is not complaining of pain in that leg. Blood pressure is 140/80 and heart rate is 90bpm which fall in the normal range. There are no exposed bones or laccerations.DIagnosis of the injuries, provide supporting evidence for diagnosis and give measurable extent of injuries.state immediate treatment of the injuries in order of importance and include rationale for each treatment.suggest long term treatment options of injuries*all injuries are on the right side of the body and the patient needs painkillers of some kind*please help!

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  1. lineout says:

    (I’m am not in the medical field but this is a logical guess and so long as you provide the reasoning I think your teacher will accept it) The blistered arm is 2nd degree burns. Since it’s a 2nd degree burn the nerves can fully feel the burning sensation because of how far the burns have gone into the skin. He’s not complaining about the blackened leg because it is a 3rd or worse degree burn. This burn is so severe that it destroys all nerves and thus he can’t feel anything. I would suggest providing morphine because, so long as you don’t give too much, it is more difficult to OD someone on it than other painkillers. Plus you don’t know what he is allergic to and allergic reactions to morphine are very rare (I don’t even think existent but I’d just say very rare).

  2. brevipennate says:

    Start at the basics, airway (with c-spine immobilisation until spinal injury excluded), breathing, circulation. Is there any airway swelling, soot in the airway, are the lungs wheezy or quiet? Is circulation compromised by circumferential burns?You need to measure the area of the burn using the rule of 9′s or serial halving, and the respective severity by depth of burn, superficial, partial or full thickness – this will give you your diagnosis.Continue the cooling process started by the ambulance crew, either by cool water irrigation or specialist burns dressings.Painkillers – IV opiates would obviously be indicated for a severe burn.Discuss with specialist burns unit ASAP with a view to urgent admission.