Is it unnatural to sleep in the nude?

i decided that i was too tired to stay in class so i went to the nurses office to take a nap. but i only sleep in the nude, so i took off all of my clothes and went to sleep in the nurses bed. the principal said that it is innapropriate to do that, and that i am suspended from school for three weeks. i also got detention when i went back , and had to write a five page essay about why what i did was wrong. do you think i should have gotten in trouble? (note, this happened about a month ago)

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12 Responses to “Is it unnatural to sleep in the nude?”

  1. prearranged says:

    **** no, im not yelling btw im just pissed you got in trouble for that. When we are born what arenwe wearing? Nothing. Im in my bed naked right now, well i have my chain on and bracelet lol but sleeping nude is something that naturally occurs. People don’t shoe nude publically because they are ashamed. Your parents didn’t fight and tell the principle that your innocent. Thats something your use to.

  2. mammey says:

    that’s hardcore! ok yes! if u want to sleep in the nude then have light clothes on so it makes you feel like ur sleeping in the nude but you have clothes on. WOW! I did that once and I said that it was an accident and nothing happened to me. (when I was in kindergarten) (it was so cute, but weird lol) yeah so wear light clothes or pack them

  3. entobronchium says:

    Uhh lol thats sexy jk lol well at home its ok but in da nurse office u cant do dat ha

  4. helicogyrate says:

    whats unnatural in tht many people like me luv 2 sleep nude n b4 d invention of clothes people would of course b naked

  5. octopede says:

    you should sleep nude in your own bedroom , lol.

  6. bessie says:

    i dont think it is unnatural. me, my mother and father sleep in the nude but by the time i hit puberty, i started to have wet dreams. so my mother advised me to wear my undies when i sleepbut you should do it in the privacy of your own home

  7. crcinit says:

    In a situation like that, it is probably best that you sleep that way in the privacy of your bedroom.

  8. becushioned says:

    That sounds HOT ;) what’s your number?

  9. corridas says:

    So the nurse sleeps on the job, and they got after you for not having brought any PJs to school? Sheesh.

  10. lordy says:

    well in private its OK its even more comfortable for some people sorry about the suspension, principal should have just lectured you on the inappropriateness of doing that in the nurse’s office and let it go he sounds like a jerk

  11. extensors says:

    well, it isnt really ‘unnatural’ to sleep in the nude…. at ur own bedroom. what is unnatural is tht u slept nude in the nurses bed.theres a right place for everything.

  12. brainstormed says:

    It is not unnatural at all to sleep in the nude and is healthy for women because it lets our lady parts air out. it IS however a felony to expose yourself in public which is exactly what you did. That is ridiculous that you thought that it would be ok and even felt comfortable stripping down in the nurses office. just because you are sleeping does not mean that nobody else gets to go in there. they are required to attend to sick and injured students even if you are using the bed. You should have gotten expelled.