What is this college essay question asking?

Rochester students represent many different points of view. Each student constructs an independent study and research plan. Describe what you will contribute to Rochester's diversity of ideas, experiences, and identities. If you can, incorporate a positive past experience where you chose your own learning path, or a negative experience where you wanted to exercise more independence.Can someone explain what this means? Thank you!

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  1. darneder says:

    hunny, if you can’t even understand the question, maybe this school is a bit out of your reach.this is a school where you have to devise your own study or research plan. if you don’t understand the sentence, how are you supposed actually make a plan?

  2. jin-yun says:

    the question wants you to express yourself in a way of learning, in other words, research in a way you like that is not instructed to you, have freedom

  3. viewless says:

    Same question as always: “How will you contribute to the diversity of the school?” Then it asks you to include a good thing that happened to you as a result of being independent, or a bad thing that happened when you weren’t allowed to be as independent as you liked.

  4. reformulation says:

    they just want you to explain how you would bring diversity into the school if you got accepted. and talk about an experience that has made you who you are, an experience that changed you for the better. or you could write about an experience where being more independent ( like you’d be if you went to school there) would’ve been helpful.

  5. solmizate says:

    Basically it wants to know if you are independent, stand up for your beliefs etc. and what they are. “I value… because…”

  6. ballroom's says:

    in an essay, tell the nice peoples what you will contribute to their college if you should go their. also, in your essay, use one of your past experiences… either a positive one about how you chose how YOU wanted to learn, or a negative one in which you wanted to chose for yourself. :D hope i was able to help! :D

  7. purloins says:

    How will you add to the community? Do you belong to a unique group, religion, race, nationality, sexual identity? Have you had unique experiences like living abroad, having multiracial parents, attended Space Camp? Do you have unique ideas such as a belief in libertarianism or are you an inventor?Tell us about an experience you had in which you showed assertiveness in your education such as by taking extra college classes even while you were in high school, or taking pilot lessons, etc.

  8. fatiguing says:

    If you’re going to college you should be able to understand this! They are telling you that they are a diversified university, and they want to know what you will bring to the table. What ideas, experiences, and points of view do you have that will enhance the college? give examples that show positive experience where you cut your own path. Are you good enough to contribute to the school, and are you a go getter who will blaze his/her own trail!

  9. conveniences says:

    Clearly, this person did not ask for everyone to say whether or not she was getting into this school. She simply asked for an explanation to the essay questions!All its asking is what you personally feel you’ll be contributing to the school if you were to be accepted. It mentions you can use a past experience that can compare to this topic–something were you were able to bring something about your characteristics into the picture in order to make things better.

  10. skippet says:

    I think what they are wanting is for you to explain a time where you were independent and it lead you to success. After giving the example try and make a connection with how that will benefit the school. Try to incorporate being well rounded, problem solving, and hard working. The other scenario is saying explain a time when you were limited and you wanted to do your own thing. Again be sure to incorporate the things above, and generally try and tell them the positive things that colleges are going to want to hear.

  11. glovita says:

    It means your not getting into Rochester.The thing very plainly asks what is your ideas in your field of study and why do you feel that way. How will those ideas contribute to the school as a good institute of education. Basically make a plan for what you want to do, how you are going to do it, and why its good for you and the school.

  12. supergenerous says:

    if you get accepted into the college, what skills of yours will you be able to incorporate into an independent study project

  13. thummim says:

    they are saying what will you’re unique experiences contribute to your school,and give an example of how.

  14. santorinite says:

    describe your ideas (or point of views) and back it up with examples like experiences. they would like one of those examples to be a positive past experience where you broke away from tradition and chose your own learning path (or found you own way of doing things), or a negative experience where you wanted to exercise more independence.(i’m guessing this meanswhen you broke away from a group u didnt like or something and you wanted to do more things by yourself..

  15. Ancyrene says:

    Oh I so hated all these cheesy essays. Good luck to you.My interpretation is this:They want you discuss what makes you unique. What are the experiences that have shaped you as an individual? They also want you to (if you can) share an experience that was positive for you in which you made a decision to go down that path. For example, you wanted to become more familiar with another culture, so you went to temple with a Jewish friend several times and shared with her family, and that experience really helped you to understand a different point of view.In addition, they’d like you to discuss an experience in which you could have been more proactive and independent. The experience wasn’t positive and it might have been if you had asserted yourself (even as simple here as…you walked by a homeless person and wished later you’d done something for him…gotten him some food or something). Good luck. It’s hard to determine what they want of you.

  16. whoa says:

    It means that every student has their opinion and thoughts about Rochester and they bring it there. So it is asking you of what you will bring to Rochester, as in what difference will you make even if it is a small one. How will you impact the school. Good Luck

  17. coyest says:

    it is an entry essay, if you can’t understand it you need to find a different college to attend. That is super easy compared to the other stuff you are about to get into once you are accepted into a college.