Is this even wrong? Technically, and non-technically speaking?

So here's the thing. I have been instructed to write a personal essay, about an event or something important that has happened to me in my life. This is for my Junior English Class. Last year, as a sophmore, I was assigned the exact same subject. Wrote a paper on it, and received an A. So I'm thinking about turning it in again this year for the recent assignment. Note: Two Different Teachers.I wrote this paper, so it's not plagerism.Is this even technically Academic Dishonesty? I don't feel like there's anything wrong about it, I wrote it then, it's still my work.

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  1. outcatch says:

    At my son’s private schools re-using an assignment would absolutely be considered Academic Dishonesty, both his current high school and at his K – 8. This is in the handbook that both the student and parent must sign off on. What you are thinking of turning in was an assignment written for another teacher, you did not do it for this specific teacher. Therefore, you are technically not doing the assignment she assigned. Did she say Turn in the assignment you did last year that was already graded and don’t do any work for my class? You could say that recycling your work is a form of self-plagiarism.Perhaps your school doesn’t have such strict standards, but you will have to ask to find out. I think that you find it questionable or you wouldn’t be asking here. = )You can Google and find a lots of college policies that state recycling your work is academic dishonesty, here are just a few. (High schools don’t typically have their handbooks online.) [external link] … [external link] .… [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …Good luck!

  2. Podarge says:

    not at all my english teacher actually talked to a women who is a Professional in this area believe it or not, and asked if using your own work for another assignment it is not wrong at all legally. now i would maybe touch it up and make sure it is done well… but still i don’t believe it is wrong.

  3. birthdate says:

    It all depends on what you want to get out of the class…Sure you could “recycle the paper.” I’ve done it myself and got three As for three different classes using the same paper.You’re technically completing the assignment within the instructions given (write a paper. check! you already did that.)My advice to you is go back, reread the paper, find ways to make it better than before, and when you feel the paper is up to your standards and the expectations of the professor, then pass it in.That being said, you’re in school to learn, and this particular class is designed to make you a better writer. If you were to write a whole new paper, you could practice the techniques you were taught in your junior year class (outlining, drafting, etc.) And perhaps become more proficient with these skills.The choice is yours. If you get found out, I doubt you’d be hauled in front of a committee or expelled or anything. You could always explain that you felt strongly about the paper you wrote sophomore year, and that you revised it and brought it up to the standards of a junior year class.

  4. Neotropical says:

    i dont think it is academic honesty. you may want to change some words or sentences around so it is not the same paper just in case.

  5. cenarth says:

    from a teacher’s standpoint…i see nothing wrong with it ;) it’s ur paper….do with it what you like

  6. briered says:

    omg, i totally relate. keep me posted on what you chose to do!Hope this helps:)

  7. trickie says:

    Technically wrong: probably/maybeMorally wrong: probably notLikely hood of getting “caught”:Slim to noneQuality of idea: ExcellentGood luckPS at the above reply. I believe this is a bad idea because then if anything happens (you get “caught”) the few words and sentences out of place show your effort to hide the fact that it is the same paper. Sort of like a guilty conscience.

  8. poethood says:

    Technically it is Academic Dishonesty. I know that some schools and teachers use a site called which basically runs your paper against every paper submitted to it for plagiarism, regardless if you were the one who wrote it. If you did that in college you would fail the class and could be expelled

  9. spinoff says:

    I have an idea. Why not finish the story. You could pick up part way through your last story, which will save time, and then you can bring the story up to date a year later?