I need some ideas for an essay?

I have to write an essay on the positive and negative outcomes of cultural diffusion, but the only negative thing I can think of is slavery, so does anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. unharped says:

    How about the conflict and trading of knowledge between the native americans and the first settlers here?

  2. undular says:

    Religious conflicts

  3. ammar says:

    Negative – think of the conquistadors invading South America and giving all the natives the flu so they dies.Also, wars, bullying, terratorial disputes.Positive – healthier stock of humans eventually, sharing of ideas.

  4. unkind says:

    Write about the trading of things like food, technology and so on.

  5. miterflower says:

    just search it on google

  6. fissiparity says:

    a positive outcome is, different culturals coming together can share and express their traditions and ways of life…like food, religion , and even music. They can learn alot about each other. =]

  7. charnum says:

    The first step to beginning any essay is to gather all of your resources. You should search on google: Trans-Cultural Diffusion. I have found one resource for you. [external link] …Then, you should gather as many facts as you can about Trans-Cultural Diffusion. What is it? How does it affect us?

  8. ghapoha says:

    racial discrimination…?

  9. bolshevik's says:

    - Racial tensions… riots etc- the institutional racism that seems to be inherent to certain organisations (the police!) because the makeup of the individuals in the organisation, i.e. – very middle-class and therefore white, so can it represent the communities it polices fairly?- also the clashes between cultures. this is quite prominent in europe in recent years. e.g. – muslim girls refusing to wear their school uniform because it does not conform with the rules about dress in the Qu’ran. Or another example – arranged marriage is very common in many cultures but it is frowned upon in western society.

  10. linkmap says:

    a negative effect on cultural diffusion was it caused many fights and the different beliefs people had against one another and a positive is that all the cultures were learning traditions from one another!

  11. byordinar says:


  12. pseudoenthusiastic says:


  13. psittacosis says:

    the holocaust was a negative effect

  14. mccurdy says:

    What’s DIFFUSION?