Do you guys have any good ideas for a Persuasion essay I could write about for English (college course)?

1. in order to persuade others make sure you know your subject, the pros, and cons., you need to change people's minds, persuade to see it your way.2. who, what group are you trying to persuade, females, males, age group, educational level, ethnic group, political association?Idea: Texting mode, "spelling", it is faster to communicate "u thk so?, lol"Persuade readers that above texting mode is practical.

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  1. intestine says:

    You could persuade readers that they should be atheists. Say that everyone is wrong and all beliefs are relative in nature. Except for atheists. They are all steeply based in reality because they define reality.

  2. temporizes says:

    Not really. Just think of things you do that you think other people should do, which sounds like a dumb answer I know but make a list of things and think about it a little to decide what you want to write on and it will be a lot easier to come up with a topic that you’ll want to roll with rather than other people coming up with random things like why to be an atheist when that’s something you might not even care in the least bit about.I had something like this a few weeks ago (it was a persuasion speech, not an essay but same idea) and I did it on reasons/ways to watch your spending. So you could try that, I guess.

  3. yadalle says:

    I would recommend to check out the following argumentative/essays topics along with examples of the papers to get an idea