What are my chances of getting in to Duke or Yale?

I'm a senior in high school and I want to attend a Duke or Yale University I am co-captain of a varsity sports team, president of an academic club, vice president of math team, and treasurer of another club. I am a member of the national honor society and the science national honor society. I have a 4.79 weighted GPA, 3.96 unweighted and I got a 34 on the ACT (34 English, 33 Math, 36 Reading, 32 Science, 9 essay). I have a lot of community service (vollunteer coach for three summers, YMCA vollunteer, and 10 hours a week of tutouring) My class rank is top 10 out of a class of 400.

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8 Responses to “What are my chances of getting in to Duke or Yale?”

  1. impressible says:

    well i would give you a 2/3 chance of getting into Duke and a 5/8 chance of getting into yale. youve got what they are looking for no doubt about it but they get thousands of applicants with similar resumes. try to show them something special that is unique to you that most applicants dont have. Thats what got me into my school. I think for you, you can get that stamp of approval by writing a fantastic essay.

  2. pectosase says:

    Pretty damn good, my friend. Pretty damn good.Or well, possibly.

  3. comival says:

    of course, smarty pants!

  4. reunifying says:

    My own experience is that high-end colleges don’t seem to be so interested in the well-rounded individual anymore, but rather in people who excel (I mean really excel!) in a particular field. All of your credentials are definitely helpful, but I’ve seen people with more get rejected… while people with fewer credentials, but some national recognition in a particular area (like a musical instrument, sport, publication of national magazine articles, etc.) get accepted. That’s purely anecdotal, but whatever you do – for heaven’s sake – get a proofreader.

  5. Avis says:

    yea polar bear. I bet i get accepted into an ivy ligue before you do

  6. amebic says:

    Well, you sure do sound like a well rounded person. You’ll do fine.

  7. worldlike says:

    You will not get into Yale, you will likely get waitlisted. You may get into Duke. I don’t mean to be a dick, but i’ve seen friends with better scores get denied.

  8. jalilvan says:

    You will prolly get in with everything your doing……which is ALOT