Products with hippie-ish designs on them. Know any? Own any?

I'm doing an essay on psychedelic art in advertisements and products.I see them a lot, such as Victoria's Secret's line of lotions like this one: [external link] …The tye-dye theme is very psychedelic/hippie-like.I need help with other products. Has anyone else seen any other products with hippie-like designs? Anything that seems to be influenced by hippie-culture is fine. Even if you aren't sure, can you just name them for me? Thanks so much. (:

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3 Responses to “Products with hippie-ish designs on them. Know any? Own any?”

  1. bewinter says:

    urban decays big fatty mascara . completely hippie

  2. panurgy says:

    [external link] …

  3. Robert says:

    some bath and body works products and urban decay summer of love eyeshadow palette.sorry no links!