PLEASE Proof-read my essay, quick answer=10 points!?

Hey so I have to submit an essay 4 hours after. I wrote this piece of crap in 30 mins so pelase proof read. There you go :-"To know when to be generous and when firm - that is wisdom." -- Elbert Hilbbard. Many of you might have heard of this quote and the first thought that comes to you would have been of your elders. Wisdom is the ability to understand people, things, situations etc, which are grandparents have certainly expertised in. As days pass on, science amuses us with new technologies. It all started from a simple radio invented by Guglielmo Marconi, then the computer created by Charles Babbage. And now we have everything, you name it. From PDA'S to laptops, mobile televisions to robots. Is our generation of now, wiser than our grandparents' generation, is a question many wonder about. People consider this new generation to be wiser than our ancestors', unfamiliar of how the latter is wiser. We, the present generation have more technology and are much more hi-tech, no doubt but that certainly does not beat wisdom. Technology is nothing compared to wisdom and does not make you wiser in any way. Nowadays, whatever age group you may belong to, it be a child or a parent, we all use the help of search engines in our daily work. Whether it be homework or office work, you are bound to visit Yahoo, Google, Bing or any other well known search engine, whereas back in the old times, our ancestors had to try hard and find appropriate information and turn it in . We, living in the present World, should be thankful to science as it has advanced so much that it takes part in every single move of our life and has now become a humungous part of it.Nowadays we have the aid of dictionaries, thesauruses, online homework helpers etc to help us in daily tasks whereas in those times one wouldn’t even have thought of such a thing. Scientists back in that time, had gained so much appreciated, by not having any access to Internet, where you can find almost ANYTHING by just a single click. Funny how it might leave one of this generation shocked, but people actually had to work hard day and night to achieve something. When a person had to make a decision, they either had to solve it out themselves or take help, considering an elder. Nowadays, we people have the facility of Wiki Answers, Yahoo Answers and other forum sites. Where you ask a question and can have the availability to an answer in just about a blink of an eye. Please tell me more stuff I could add into my essay. The topic is * Is your generation wiser than your grandparents generation?*Love all who answer!Thankyou so much!

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  1. whample says:

    Hi there.A few things:1) “which are grandparents have certainly expertised in.” – This should be “”which our grandparents certainly have expertise in” 2) “amuses us” is the wrong word here, how about something like “amazes us”3) Use proper grammar “Is our generation of now, wiser than our grandparents’ generation? That certainly is a question many wonder about.”Those are the 3 things I noticed :)

  2. riverain says:

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