I need help making up a video game please read?

I need to write an essay about a game any game i would like to play. and to explain how you would change the rules or even create a whole new game. and to use details and examples so a person who has never played your game will understand. I need help and it is due thursday. i need five paragraphs. it can be any game and it can a made up game doesn't have to be real.

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5 Responses to “I need help making up a video game please read?”

  1. reveald says:

    There are a lot of good suggestion at [external link] in their swagger chatter section.Hope this helps you.

  2. goldia says:

    This is one of those assignments where the teacher is not looking for the right answer, but the answer that you think is the best. Talk about the things you like to do in video games, whether or not there should be a tutorial, and the kind of game it should be (ie: shooter, RPG). Sit down and have fun with it.

  3. overlooked says:

    This is something you have to figure out for yourself. In case you missed it, that is the point of school.This is a fun assignment. It puzzles me why someone would not want to do it themselves. If you just sit down and think about it, this is something you can do, start to finish in a few hours…much like most of the new games out there.

  4. porcupines says:

    I will not give you the whole essay but i will give you advice.First keep it simple if there’s 900 games within the game with any body understand the point.Second, base it on on your class’s or teachers interests.Third, have fun and make some intresting stuff up EX.A world of alien creations that brought a human with powers to earth and turn him into a marine.Last, spell all things right and rewrite it a lot

  5. Brachyoura says:

    No one can really write about a game /you want to play.It’s about you. You need to write it yourself