I am writing a history essay and was wondering: Who do you think was the greatest leader before A.D. 1?

Preferably, it should be an Egyptian Pharaoh, leader from Mesopotamia, Babylon, or Early Roman empire. Thanks

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9 Responses to “I am writing a history essay and was wondering: Who do you think was the greatest leader before A.D. 1?”

  1. hydrazo says:

    Darius or Pericles.

  2. shakably says:


  3. monachi says:

    king khufre of the ancient egypt

  4. predislike says:

    Alexander the great?

  5. londhe says:

    Is Julius Caesar before A.D. 1?…lol…idk but he is a really good person to do it over…make sure you have a part about his assination and about the people who killed him…if you need any help email me and ill send you my info…were doing Caesar in our class so i got alot of info…

  6. elopements says:

    Alexander the Great, hands down. Look at what he was able to do!

  7. alackaday says:

    Julius Caeser

  8. roentgenometry says:

    Agammemnon. He led the whole nation of the Greeks into a war against Troy — most never got back, the ones that did, got back in 20 years. He sacrificed his daughter Iphegenia at Aulis to gain favorable winds. He got axed for that when he finally got home. Odysseus comes in a close second for great leadership. His homecoming was more fortunate, for him.

  9. implements says:

    There is a little known midget called Chip Gribbley who led a vast army of pot belly pigs into Egypt and built the first pyramid with Zorkoff from the planet GT89.