Diphtheria Essay Titles?

I need some titles for a diphtheria essay. Plz make them clever or something. thank you

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3 Responses to “Diphtheria Essay Titles?”

  1. newroot says:

    “Diphtheria: A Mother Cries in the Night” Diphtheria: An Early Childhood Disease”"False Membrane”Good Luck!

  2. mednews says:

    spreadable like jelly is Diphtheria dont worry get a Diphtheria shotdownsides of Diphtheriashocking effect on Diphtheriasorry that all i could think off hope you like them

  3. tworads says:

    Diphtheria: Have You “Got A Hitch In Your Get Along”? Explanation: Some people have a “limp” that may come and go after having diphtheria and/or the shot for it. That’s what “a hitch in your get along means. It can effect your hip and/or butt when you walk.