Am I on the right track for university?

I'm a sophomore and I'm starting to think about what I need to do to get accepted into a good university. I want to double major in linguistics and Russian, and I've picked out the schools I want to apply to: U of Arizona, U of Chicago, U of Indiana, U of Pennsylvania, U of Washington, U of Toronto, and McGill. I live in Canada, and if the current economic trends continue I may have to stay here, but there aren't many options for my double major in Canadian universities. I'm thinking of applying early decision to U of Washington since its like my dream school at the moment (Penn and Chicago are reaches, and Indiana and Arizona are safeties), but I'd be happy to be accepted into any of them.I maintain a 4.5 GPA (the max. here) and I'm in all possible Honors/AP courses. I have a part-time job which I intend to keep until university. My worry is extracurricular activities... I played basketball the past few years, but I don't think I'll be continuing. I'm studying at a language academy in Vienna this summer, will that look good to universities? I've also done quite a bit of tutoring and won a few academic awards. I'm going to start volunteering and golfing again (with a membership). There aren't many clubs at my school, so I don't have a lot of options. I'm quite confident that I can write good essays and receive strong recommendations from teachers. But I feel if I don't pick up some other extracirriculars I won't get accepted into the aforementioned schools. Any advice on what I can do?

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6 Responses to “Am I on the right track for university?”

  1. Serbdom says:

    Go Huskies!You definitely have a nice path set up for yourself. If you have time/interest, keep up with the tutoring as it shows you have a passion for what you’re studying. Good luck getting into UW, it’s a beautiful campus with wonderful programs…you’ll be happy here.

  2. politically says:

    honestly even I don’t see any reason why you won’t get into u of washington they accept 61% so they are not too selective and you certainly have strong credentials the only thing that is going against you is that 84% of their students are in-state which means that they will probably take someone who lives in the state if the applicants credentials are similar in terms of what more you can do I would try and work in a little mention that you will get involved in student organizations when you are student at the school and the only reason you aren’t involved in any now is because there is nothing that interests you be honest tell them what you want to get out of college

  3. zealotist says:

    you are on the right path, my friend. good for you

  4. shagreen says:

    Well, yes extracurricular is required for some schools. But you may also need community service hours, and leadership awards (which you may have already). Check out their websites and requirements.

  5. anirast says:

    You’re doing pretty well kid. Keep the grades up and get good SATs and you will definitely have a shot at Penn and Chicago. Since your school does have few extracurriculars, think of it as room for improvement. Colleges like to see students who take initiative and follow their passions. By that I mean start up a club. On the resume it looks good if you are the founder of a club, especially if its a good club, because you’re making a difference to your school and community. That will separate you from other applicants. Being a founder is better than just being a non-dedicated member (most people in extracurriculars are just in their for the resume and aren’t active enough to really make it worth it). They like to see involvement and change. You are capable of that. Good luck

  6. burials says:

    Withdraw your application and save yourself the embarrassment.