Come up with an argument with one of these seven subjects?

FantasyMusicFriendshipSelf-AwarenessRights Of PassageParental Rights And ExpectationsMetamorphosisFor example: Parents shouldshould not be able to tell their kids what to do. (Parental rights and expectations)This is for a persuasive essay.. I just need some ideas.Thanks. :)

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  1. intracervical says:

    Friendship – Which is better: A ton of ‘okay’ friends or a couple of ‘really good’ friends

  2. manuscripts says:

    I think the parents rights/ expectations would be the easiest to discuss, because there is a vast amount of things to talk about. Talking about both sides of the situation, including things like drugs, drinking, sex, vandalism, anything illegal that many teens get involved in. Personally, based on my family I would write about how it is unfair that my parents attempt to be detectives everytime I come home, “where have you been?, who have you been with?, what were you doing? so on, the extreme interrogation that I am subjected to upon arrival at home. Good Luck!