I used to be really good at composition, writing, essays, etc, but now I can’t write to save my life?!?

In high school, I was the top of my English class and literature class.Teachers said I had a gift of writing, because I had very big range of vocabulary and ability to use different sentence structures.And then I came to a business school, and I haven't written anything (I've written reports, but those just require fact-statements, i dont think they count) in 2 years.Now, I have hard time getting my thought across by writing as well as I was able to in high school.I still know all the words, but it's hard for me to use them in my sentences now, etc.Why did this happen and how do I fix this?I really like writing, and would like to do it as a hobby.

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  1. borborygmus says:

    The same has happened to me. I used to be a brilliant writer and topped my English class but am now struggling to keep a B average. Just read constantly, and hopefully you’ll remember how to use each structure well.