AP US History Essay help?

the prompt is : analyze the reasons for the failure of congressional reconstruction to achieve lasting civil rights for the freedmen and women.I would like help with a brainstorming list. Just throw some ideas at me that can help me write this. Thanks

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  1. dehumanizes says:

    Well first off, it NEVER had anything to do with women.In fact, many laws and one constitutional amendment went out of its way to exclude women.So you can ax that out of your essay, or make it a central theme.Next, you have the problem of legislating society. A liberal dream, I know, by in every instance that governments have tried, disaster initially follows. When Society is ready, then the change comes.But trying to force it always leads to violence.

  2. spirited says:

    Give me a second let me go get my textbookok my textbook wasnt much helpbut I found thisReconstruction was the period from 1865 – 1877 where the government of the United States tried to put the country together again after the Civil War. In general, historians consider it an unsuccessful effort for several reasons.Politically, the government did convince southern states to rejoin the Union in a fairly simple process. They also managed to pass the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment. Past that, not much went well.The Freedmen’s Bureau was underfunded and cut short, leaving the vast majority of free slaves uneducated and still in the South. There was no land reform, meaning slaves were forced into a sharecropping system and did not own their own farms, which might have made them more independent, equal and successful.The Black Codes and other laws restricting former slaves, though clearly unconstitutional, were not challenged in court or struck down by local military authorities, leaving African-Americans virtually unprotected and subject once again to working for whites involuntarily.And finally, the effort of Reconstruction was cut off after only 12 years, leaving the economy of the South still in ruins and its population largely in poverty.

  3. disallowances says:

    1. Republicans did not really care about blacks, and certainly they could not be bothered with taking the time to educate them and otherwise provide for them. They tacitly agreed to let the South handle that, subject to the understanding that the South would not attempt to secede or to re-enslave the blacks. But up to that point, the South was given free rein. This allowed the Northern industrialists to get back to business.2. Women? No one cared about women’s rights back then.3. You may wish to consider this. Black men got the right to vote in this country before white women. In fact, black men always seem to get rights before white women. Why is that?